Heralding from the mid-west, emerging artist Nick Montieth is sure to excite the Contemporary Christian music scene with his take on the genre. Born in Rapid City, South Dakota, the 24-year-old songwriter discovered his aptitude for music at the age of 12. Since then, Montieth has taken the craft of songwriting very seriously, spending nearly a decade honing his skill before outing DOXOLOGY [EP] (2016) and METANOIA [EP] (2017). Montieth knows his musical roots, but also actively pushes the compositional boundaries of his productions, resulting in a product that anything but monotonous.

Lyrically, Montieth derives relatable, inspiring messages from his daily walk with Christ. Each song is like a small window peering into his spiritual journey. Commonly, Montieth’s compositions reflect the deepest parts of his heart, often drawing upon his personal prayer and study, or his day to day dealings with those around him. Keeping all his lyrics firmly focused on Christ and biblical truth, the young artist does not avert from weighty issues that plague believers around the world. Montieth carries the message in his music that the Lord is the answer to every problem, and every question.

Today, Montieth resides in Vermillion, SD, where he attends the USD School of Law. The artist is an active member in his local church and worship community, leading worship for multiple college groups and services on a weekly basis.

Montieth will be succeeding his previous releases in 2019.


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